We pride ourselves on being the standard bearer of quality for local milk. We want our milk to get from our farm to your table  efficiently, so you can enjoy our milk as fresh as possible. Cheers!

Enjoy Us At

Our Local Distributor in Indiana: Ideal Meats

White's Meat Market

Carmel Winter Farmers Market

Coat Check Coffee  

 Gatewood Vegetable Market 

The Rail Westfield 

Public Greens 

Wilson's Farm Market 

Tyner Pond Market

Georgetown Market

 Petit Chou 

Blooming Foods

Locally Grown Gardens

Four Seasons Local Market

D & R Market

Joe's Butcher Shop Carmel 

D and R Market

Silver Valley Farm 

Myers' Market

The Cheddar Depot

Market District-  Carmel, Indiana

Delivery to your house? Market Wagon Indianapolis 

Shapiro's Deli

Moody Meats

Hoosier Harvest Market

Good Earth

Noble Coffee & Tea

All Local Noblesville


Broccoli Bill's


  Westfield Downtown Winter Market: 120 Jersey Street Downtown Westfield:

November 11th, December 9th, January 13th, February 10th, March 10th